Workplace Fire Safety

All employers have a statutory duty

All employers have a statutory duty to ensure their employees are fully aware of fire precautions within the workplace.

We can help ensure that your staff remain safe in the event of fire. All of our instructors have experienced the devastation fire can cause and use their knowledge to provide the very best training.

Rescue 365 CIC are experts in meeting all of your fire safety, fire prevention and fire training needs.

"Rescue 365 is the trading arm of Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service"

Our Mission

Our focus is to maintain the competency of your workforce and the safety of your business and your customers, 100% of the profit we generate from our activities goes to the Fire & Rescue Service for the sole purpose of making our communities a safer place to work, live and play.

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Fire Fighter Experience

If you have ever imagined what it is like to train as a fire fighter, to work as a team, to run out fire hose, put out real fires, to wear a fire tunic and fire helmet?

Then this has to be on your bucket list.

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