Water Safety

Rescue 365 offers bespoke and accredited training courses which allow your staff to operate safely in or near water.

Our training solutions cater for both inland and marine water environments. STCW is the minimum legal requirement for anyone working on vessels over 24 meters. We provide all 5 modules that can also be booked separately if required.

Rescue 365 instructors possess vast expertise in all aspects of water safety training. There will be a high practical involvement and application of skills that will relate directly to your incident situations.

Let us assist you in complying with the regulations and making your workforce safer when at work.

"Get trained by the people that have to put it right when you get it wrong"

Our Mission

Our focus is to maintain the competency of your workforce and the safety of your business and your customers, 100% of the profit we generate from our activities goes to the Fire & Rescue Service for the sole purpose of making our communities a safer place to work, live and play.

Product Details

Fire Fighter Experience

If you have ever imagined what it is like to train as a fire fighter, to work as a team, to run out fire hose, put out real fires, to wear a fire tunic and fire helmet?

Then this has to be on your bucket list.

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