Team Building

Rescue 365 is proud to provide a comprehensive team building package.

Rescue 365 is proud to provide a comprehensive team building package that will put your employees or management team out of their comfort zone in a controlled exposure to risk.

Utilising a range of fire & rescue command tasks we will be able to highlight the personality and character traits of individuals when under pressure.

Rescue 365 will provide a full debrief on each individual's performance and are able to offer developmental packages for individuals and teams who wish to improve their performance, leadership or management skills.

All of our instructors have extensive experience from working within the emergency services or armed forces and are experts in selec ng and training leaders and teams.

Their expertise from regularly working in life or death situations ensures a rich and effective experience that will hone your team and leadership credentials.

All of our team building packages are tailor made to match the exact requirements of your organisation.

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